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Nature and wildlife at Wellsfield Farm is very seasonally driven.  In autumn and winter there are migratory birds and the roe deer rut where young bucks are looking for new territory. In the early part of next year we’ll see the birds nesting and fledging – so it’salways changing, and there are things you can see over the winter that you can’t see in the summer.
The variety of flora and fauna at Wellsfield Farm provides a great opportunity for nature loving guests to have short stays or holidays at Wellsfield Farm Holiday Lodges or for farm visitors to watch wildlife at the farm.  

Wellsfield Farm promotes wildlife and nature conservation and is involved in many Environmental & Bio-diversity projects to enhance natural wildlife habitats. 

There are many walks and trails, lochans, ponds and hides for you to explore the brilliant flora & fauna of Wellsfield.

The following conservation projects have been completed, or are currently underway and being managed at Wellsfield Farm to increase and enhance natural wildlife and their habitats.
  • Creation and Planting of Amenity, Fir & Pine, Deciduous Woodland.
  • Woodland Management (Planting, Cutting, Coppicing, Brashing).
  • Extensive Nest Box Placement (Woodpeckers, Finches, Songbirds, Hawks, Owls).
  • Creation and Planting of Hedgerows.
  • Siting of Bird Hides and Feeding Stations and Badger Hides.
  • Creation of Educational Willdlife Trails for School Trips and Family Days.
  • Pond Dipping Zone
  • Mini Beasts Zone
  • Field Margin Buffer Zones.
  • Creation and Planting of Wildflowers and Special Species of Wild Grass for Butterflies.
  • Creation of Wildlife Ponds, Lochans & Water Bodies (Permanent & Seasonal).
  • Creation & Upgrading of Water Margins
  • Creation of Gamebirds and Groundbirds Cover Crop Areas.
  • Grassland Bird Management.
  • Siting of Natural Feature Viewpoints.
  • Deer Management.
  • Pheasantry.
  • Creation of Public Walkways & Horse Riding Bridal Paths.
  • Drystane Dyke Upgrading.
  • Boundary Fencing of Streams (Prevention of silting up - livestock).
  • Frogbox, Batbox, Duck Nestbox Placements.
  • Opening up of Redundant Roads
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Organic Recycling

For more information on how you can experience the wildlife at Wellsfield Farm and how we can help tailor your visit or holiday, please contact us.

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